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Advocate  Yuriy Stetsenko

Dear Readers: Welcome to my site!  Having come to my site, you probably need legal assistance and have seen that the present market of legal services is overfilled with different sorts of propositions. It can be difficult to decide which lawyer (advocate, attorney) you can trust with your affairs.  I understand the anxiety of potential clients in choosing an advocate. For your information, I would outline my experience in legal work.

Before beginning my private practice, I graduated from the National Academy of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in 2000 and defended my dissertation in the Academy of Advocacy of Ukraine. After serving as an investigator with the organs of internal affairs, I became a legal adviser with private enterprise. With time, I saw my real calling for advocacy was litigation (presenting cases at court). Have been engaged in judicial practice from 2005, you can see samples of cases in which I have participated in the site’s sections “Law Services” and “Practice”. 

I consider that expert and professional knowledge is the essential component of legal practice. In my everyday work I try to apply my theoretical knowledge as well as practical experience in research. My judicial interests are problems of the judiciary, methodology of judicial expert examinations and legal psychology.  I make public regularly the results of my research at conferences in order to exchange opinions with other lawyers and scientists. You can find my latest research in the site’s section “Publications”.

Protection of clients’ rights is the largest priority in my practice.  I will admit that it is sometimes difficult to predict the results of how a case will be considered in the court.  Clients often are unable to know all the pitfalls of a case before commencement of proceedings. Unfortunately it is not possible to deny that  some judges, public prosecutors and investigators consider themselves completely free from the law’s provisions, their oath of office  and official obligations. As your advocate, I will not allow you to become the object of manipulation in the hands of those officials who have the power to implement judicial proceedings.  I do not presume “to settle your issue” but I will make every effort to get a desirable result.  I am confident that an advocate can achieve the required final result by means of active, persistent, consistent and conscientious protection of clients’ interests. 

I will be glad to help you and am ready to answer at all your questions.


Yours faithfully,

Yuriy Stetsenko