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Law services

I offer to my clients such legal services.

I. Conduct the client’s case:

- representation of the plaintiff/defendant in civil, economic, administrative litigation,

- criminal defence (counsel for the suspected and accused person, preparation of appeal for pardon etc), representation of the victim, civil plaintiff and defendant in criminal litigation.

II. Traffic accident disputes.

III. Consumer affairs.

ІV. Court decision implementing.

V. Legal advice about civil, family, domestic, labour, corporate, economic, tax, criminal law; report about possible risks and strategy of actions in different situations; preparation of points of claim, statement, letter, complaint, appeal complaint, labour and corporate documents.

VI. Legal support of commercial enterprise’s activities (preparation and examination of contracts, labour and corporate office work, participation in negotiations, appeal of the tax audit and other actions of the law-enforcement authorities etc).

VII. Search information about people, companies, property.


The cost of my service would be appraised with client together.