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Break dishes and enjoy!

I have a great interest in stories about famous people. Not about celebrities, about people who are involved in different kinds of activity. First of all - about lawyers because I am lawyer too. I like my occupation and try to achieve my professional ambition. I want to share one story with you about lawyer and also about enjoyment. Even if you dislike lawyers, you can not object that we all need enjoyment for a happy and full life no matter your profession is. This story has happened to famous Russian attorney named Fedor Plevako, who worked more than a 100 years ago. He was an excellent spokesman and gained many splendid victories in courts. He also liked to charge a large fee for his legal work.

One day a rich merchant asked Plevako about legal service. The lawyer knew about this man. He was not interested in neither the merchant nor his case and he decided to ask for a large sum of money in order to terrify the man. But the merchant was not surprised and said quietly:

-          I'll pay what you want, just win the case. And you will receive enjoyment, also.

It was unusual statement. The lawyer asked:

-          What enjoyment?

-          You'll see. Win the case, first, - was the merchant's answer.

The lawyer won the case and asks about the promised enjoyment. The merchant replied:

- Ok. You'll get it. Be ready on Sunday at 10 o'clock.

- Where are we going? - Asked the lawyer.

- You'll see. Be ready.

On Sunday, the merchant came to lawyer and they went together. The lawyer thought: where are we going? Restaurant? May be girls? But this is not suitable for time, because it is the morning. The merchant and the lawyer left the town and began to drive through the narrow dirty streets between small houses. They drove up to the storehouse. One man like security man came to them. The merchant asked him:

-          Is it all set?

Security man nodded and smiled.

-          Let's go, -- said the merchant.

They came into the building. It was half dark. The merchant took from the corner 2 thick sticks and gave one to Plevako.

- Take it!

The lawyer lost courage and asked:

- For what purpose?

- For enjoyment. Didn't you want enjoyment?

The lawyer took the stick and asked again:

- How can I enjoy this?

- Look around and start your enjoyment! - said the merchant.

Lawyer looked around and noticed shelves along the walls with the dishes on them. There were china cups, plates, teapots, glasses. The merchant came to shelves and struck with all his might. The lawyer struck also. He was shy at first. And then struck again and again. He flew into a passion and broken pieces of dishes fell down around him. They stopped only when no plate remained whole. The merchant asked:

-                      Did you enjoy it?

Lawyer replied:

-          Yes. I did. It was wild!

Dear friends! I told this story not because of its principal character. And I do not call you to break the dishes for enjoyment literally. I wanted to sharpen your attention on the dark room with fine dishes on the shelves. Most of us have such a room or at least a sideboard with dishes. We look over dishes and don't permit ourselves even touch them. Not to mention about using these dishes, eating from them. Instead of dishes, glasses and cups I mean our dreams, our conceptions about desired relationships, career, family, trips and so on. We are inclined to develop perfect models for such things.

We are shy in this dark room or in front of the sideboard. For example I had some ideas about the perfect speech, partly because public speaking is essential part of legal profession, because I read perfect speeches of lawyers who worked a 100 years ago.

Today I tried to strike a blow my idea about perfect speech. My speech certainly isn't perfect. I am not native English-speaker. But what of it? I don't care. Though I may fail, I still try. But it'll be better when I permit myself be a speaker for you. Even not perfect.

It may be challenging to break fine dishes from your shelves or sideboard, especially if you put them there for long ago. But if you do what you want it may be more enjoyable, instead of just thinking or dreaming, which makes you inactive.

So friends! Take your sticks. Let's start your enjoyment!