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Invite Confusion!

What do you imagine first when you think about public speaking?

First of all we think about self-confidence. People try to learn public speaking because they want to be more confident in front of audience. They join public speaking clubs Toastmasters included.

The average time of membership in Toastmasters is about 18 months. Is it long or short space of time for getting public speaking skills? I don't know.

I would say about myself though according my personal observations many of Toastmasters have the similar experience. So I tried to get more self-confidence. Instead of that all I met was confusion. Paradox?

Let me make the list of the things that confused me at the meetings of Toastcrackers Club.
Prepared speeches, impromptu speeches, brief speeches - all these thing are still confusing me.
Joke Master's speech?! - Are you kidding? I am too serious man to tell the anecdotes.
And how do you like this Ah-Counter's report: "Yuriy, your speech was quite clean from cruth sounds but you used 10 ahs, 14 ums and 18 ers during your speech?" Really?! Thanks, you were exceedingly attentive!.. Mess! I am so confused!

But as Salvador Dali said: "What is important is to spread confusion, not eliminate it." Why? Despite the fact that confusion doesn't feel good but it is a natural part of learning. A real paradox is that people who avoid the things that give them the lack of confidence and understanding don't get better. So if we not getting frustrated and confused then we are not learning enough.

I had the "honour" to listen to many "distinguished" lawyers whose speeches were overfilled with cruth sounds. I do not even mention about subjects. Most likely they didn't even suppose how powerful anti-impression they affected. But I knew about it. It was enough for arguing why it may be useful to be confused during the learning process.

Fearing and avoiding confusion will ruin your chance in getting new skills and knowledge. Even if your effort may be not successful, you will learn something at first hand.

Everything can be used to your advantage. It concerns confusion also. We can embrace confusion for personal growth. Public speaking helps us to face and love confusion.

Live and learn, be confused and grow up!


Do you feel confusion in front of audience? Stop! Don't be scared of public speaking! Come to Toastcrackers Club and learn what you need to do to be confident speaker.
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