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How Are Your Difficulties?

The difficulties are not an option that we might or might not have in life. But difficulties come in many forms. We all meet them in one way or another. We dislike difficulties because they threaten our comfort zone. But avoidance of the difficulties is not a sign of comfort living, it's a sign that your life is poor.

I would not say that we have to produce the difficulties for growing up, although some people are probably difficulties making machines. I would rather say that right difficulties provide the tools for facing right things for us.

"In the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity," said Albert Einstein. Unfortunately, we often make an accent on difficulties and don't want to see opportunities.

I started my legal career in new legal firm. So from time to time we were lacking for clients. I tried to get new clients for myself and ran advertisements for my services. I made just first steps in legal profession and didn't have even advocacy license. It is quite natural that I could get low-income clients. There was no money but I got practice.

There was one old man among my first clients. He was a pensioner and got the old-age pension but he wanted to get the pension as for public service officer. We started a lawsuit against a pension fund. He was 75 years old when I met him. Who would like to dispute in this old age? He came to the court with daughter at the beginning of the process because she was disturbed about possible nervous breakdown of him in the case of failure. But the case ran smooth. During two years we won court of first instance and appeal court. It seemed that my client became younger. He didn't need more the support of his daughter. But the ultimate decision was negative for us. The Highest administrative court of Ukraine rejected our claim.

After that our ways have parted. But not very long ago this old man called me and asked some documents from the case. I was interested to meet him again. He must be older than 80 years at this time! Why does he need these documents? When we met again I could not conceal my astonishment at finding him the same old chap! He explained that all these years he wrote about his right to the new pension to the President, to the Cabinet of Ministers, to the Ukrainian parliament... After new election to the parliament he made an appointment to see the member of parliament next week... He talked so excitedly. I would believe him if I was not acquainted with government bureaucracy.

I don't like to play mental game "what ifs." But after this meeting I asked myself: what it would be if we won the case 8 years ago? In fact difficulties helped this man to stay in positive state of mind last years.

So whether you are 83 or 23, watch your difficulties, for they become opportunities. Don't be scared by difficulties! Don't avoid them but invite. Use them for learning because the difficulties are source of your future positive state of mind.


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