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From Toastmaster to Taste Master

Who is a Toastmaster? It means literally a person who proposes a toast. Usually we propose the toasts when we drink alcohol. I strongly believe that a person who wants to achieve proficiency in public speaking can not ignore the use of alcoholic drinks.
But there is bad news for all of us. Ukrainian Parliament passed the law in 2018 which gave the right to local authority to ban selling alcoholic drinks in the night time in the shops. The reason for such law was care about public health. I'd believe this innocent act a little bit more If I met healthy people outside after 11 pm. Of cause Kyiv city council realized this right. And now we are limited to polish public speaking skills after 11 pm till 10 am.
This rule entered into force one month ago. I didn't become healthier than I was early. So I think that wise men in Parliament and Kyiv city council can pass stronger healing law for all of us about ban to sell alcohol at all. Always. Everywhere.
Let me share my outlook if it will happen.
People will celebrate holidays, and organize parties and weddings even without alcohol. But they won't propose the toasts. Under such circumstances the most honorable people on these events will be those who remember the taste of alcoholic drinks. Let's take for instance starry party in the future. People meet together on the party. Someone wants to fly into space. How can he do it? He needs fuel and preparation. Let's invite the expert in this field Mr. Beer. This is young athletic man. He takes ball in one hand and tennis racket in another hand. Boxing-gloves hang on his neck.
"Hey, Mr. Beer, tell us what did you do when you were legalized?"
"I was an expert in all sorts of sport. I was the best starter to all sorts of talks. The problem was that I was bad finisher. But my older colleges supported me. I mean Mr. Cognac, Mr. Whisky and our coach Mr. Vodka. They came after me."
"Okay, thank you Mr. Beer. Now let's listen to these respectable gentlemen. Mr. Whisky, you are welcome. Tell us, please, what did you do?"
The man in white doctor's cloth comes into the room. "Call me Dr. Scotch because I healed people. I see you haven't heard of Jewish scientists who found that whisky prevents cancer, heart diseases and early dementia. I healed people's body and spirit".
"Okay. We appreciate it, Dr. Scotch. Thank you. What about the soul? Let's listen to the patron of all arts Mr. Absinthe. Tell us, please Mr. or probably Dr. Absinthe, what did you do?"
"I created beautiful things. Beauty was on the first place. Meaning didn't matter. Do you remember this last Ukrainian masterpiece which was created before passing drastic law? I mean the song by Ukrainian musical band KAZKA about young mother, who cried on the kitchen. It was my product and my pride. My next step could be creating new genre in literature. Why do you need to read all these thick books, all these endless sentences with many words? Stop listen to all ideas of the authors. The author should give an impact only. The reader must create his own story.
For example. The author writes first line of the novel: "Young mother". The reader thinks: There is a mother. It should be man who made it. It should be father! Where is he? What is wrong with him? Is he in prison? Or in hospital?
Another reader's thought: how old is this young mother? 15 or 45 when a woman is juicy fruit again?
To find the answer the reader should read forward. Second line: "And loving young one".
The reader sets up hypotheses: who is this young one? If she is a daughter of young mother and this girl experienced love, we understand that mother is juicy fruit again. But what if this young one is father's lover? She came to his wife to say that she will be young mother soon also.
The next line in this emotional novel is: "All were crying on the kitchen".
The reader breaths out: "Exactly! A father got into trouble! They caught him!
The story starts," ended his speech Mr. Absinthe.
I skip the stories, told by crazy tribe who call themselves Cocktails. They are good for not serious audience. Of cause, I can't forget Mr. Vodka. Bur this severe man is like heavy artillery. He is exactly unsuitable to such event as Starry Ball.