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Catch The Moment

Ancient Romans said: "Catch the moment".

I could grasp the meaning of this phrase last Sunday.

I was writing new article for my blog from morning till dinner. Some thoughts have crossed my mind. But at the end I reached stalemate. I felt that I needed refreshment. That moment one friend called me and offered to go to swim on the lake that is near Kiev in Gorenka village. It was a sunny and hot day. Of course I agreed.

Who was there knows that there are two private beaches on the lakeside. One of them is pretty good. It is named "Africa": many chaise-longues, umbrellas, few cafes, running waiters and DJ with laud dancing music. But we stayed aside these private beaches. They looked noisy. We left the car and came to water. We talked and swam. Then I decided to swim through the lake to Africa. My friend refused. He was not good swimmer. The length for swimming was about a few hundreds meters. I swam alone.

In Africa was a benefit performance. As you understand it was Sunday and the weather was hot! People sunbathed, played ball, drank beer, smoked kalians. I rested after swimming, walked along beach and ...felt boredom soon.

"Useless spending time?" I asked myself and didn't find arguments. But what I am thinking about?! I am on the beach! It's the place where people rest. But I felt, for the moment, nothing but boredom. Somehow or other I started to rethink my morning writing. Few fresh ideas entered my head. I regretted that I can't write them down. But I could do it on other side of lake. I swam back. But just I set foot on the shore the wife of my friend called him. She was crying. In spite of that my friend smiled and explained: "It's ok. She is pregnant and her mood is changeable. I am already used to this but I'll go home to calm down her. I'll be soon". And he went.

After this talk I forgot all my ideas. Few hours I was alone. I just tanned, read, swam. Then my friend came back. He looked worried.

"What is wrong?" I asked him.

"No joy!" he reported and gave me letter from the district military service office. He must come on Monday for military exercise!

I thought at once about myself. "Catch the moment!" came to my mind. And I went to swim. Water was warm and sky was clear. I heard the birds sing. A nice summer day! I enjoyed a Sunday and the lake. But my friend didn't get much joy.

On Tuesday I met him unexpectedly. I asked about visit to the military service office. He said that he was there. He was examined by doctors and he is fit for military service. He received an order to come again when he'll get further notification.

During our conversation his phone rang. Of course it was his wife.

"What am I doing?" my friend asked her again. "I met with Yura. What else can we talk about?!" he said in a more excited tone. "Of course we talk about military service... Do not shout at me! Can we talk about that then I'll be at home?!" But they started to quarrel among themselves.

I understood that their moment has come and I left my friend.

It was a nice summer day...