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Is There No Reward Without Risk? Rubbish!

Once a month Kiev ToastCrackers Club holds debates on different topics. The topic may be humorous or serious. It doesn't matter because main point in debates is the arguments and the evidences on behalf of each thesis. For that reason there are always a thesis and an antithesis in debates delivering by affirmative and negative teams.

I like debates because I like to compete with other people. I am sure that competition brings out the best in everyone. And it is close to my legal profession. As a lawyer I am always see debates in Kiev ToastCrackers Club as a way to hone my disputing skills. But it is funny also.

The topic for the last debates was "With no risk, no reward".

I found many articles in Internet about why risk is an inherent part of living a good life and why risk is good for us. For that reason I decided to get to the negative team because it seemed to me that an antithesis is more challenging.
With my teammates we offered such points on behalf of getting reward without risk:

1. Risk is unnatural.
First of all we are mammals. Animals do not take the risk.
This summer I was in Hydropark. I found that the bridge over a river is already repaired. New guard metal fence is there. I don't know what the height of the bridge and the depth of the river are. But young men got over the fence and jumped into the water. I suppose they did it for testing the adrenalin-pumping type of risks. Did they take a risk? Yes. It could be dangerous for their health. Did they get reward? I doubt. They didn't get enviable reputations as athletes.
Can you imagine that the dog comes to brink of the bridge and jumps into the water? Never! Is the dog wiser than young men? It looks very much like true!
A sense of security is natural for people. It's a physical need. Do you remember Abraham Maslow with his conception about hierarchy of needs represented as a pyramid? Security is at the bottom of this pyramid. It should be met fist. You can meet and solve higher tasks in your life if your safety needs are satisfied.

2. You can lose more than gain if you take a risk.
If you take a risk you want to get something. But your actions are based not on your knowledge, experience or skills but on your account for a good luck. The problem is that your expectation is not based on something tangible. For that reason you can get a bad luck and not a good one. You can meet a trouble thanks to taking a risk. And after that you'll need additional time to get previous place.

3. There is another way for getting reward.
Is it possible to be successful without a risk? Why not?
First of all let's see on desire to taking a risk as a sign of impatience, a lack of needed knowledge, experience, skills, an interest and self-confidence.
Are you really impatient, uneducated, unskilled person? Don't be naive. You can not get a reward if you are such kind of person.
The only way to get what you truly want in life is to stop taking a risk and to start taking action. If you'll be creative and hard working on your personal goals you'll be rewarded sooner or later. This way is more productive and fruitful. This means defining exactly what you want and then making a plan how you can get it. All you want can be yours without any risk.

The negative team was announced as a winner of these debates. I would like to congratulate my teammates and express gratitude to affirmative team for oratorical contest.

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