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Who is in the next room?

If you like playing chess you should know: every pawn is a potential queen. When a pawn reaches the final opposite line of the board, it can be changed into any chess figure, queen included.

But is it possible that queen can turn into pawn? It's impossible in chess but in real life it happens.

A few years ago I got new client. It was a woman. When we had our first talk by phone she called herself a chief executive officer of some new company. She found me through Internet by my writings on court disputes. She told that her company encountered similar legal cases. We arranged to meet in my office. By the sound of her voice I understood that she was not old woman.

On the scheduled day I was waiting for her near the entrance to the business centre. I recognized her at a glance. She was tall and dressed under the latest fashion. She wore a look of importance and self-confidence. In one hand she had an elegant bag, in another - a key to the car. Her walk was royal like. Her shoes were with high thin heels. It was a queen, without crown only.

I recognized her but she didn't. She passed right by me to the reception and produced my name. A security officer pointed to my side. She turned around and looked at me with visible disappointment. She took me as a security officer! But it was not surprising. Furthermore, I've got accustomed to such reaction.

In my office she told that after having read my articles she imagined me looking different way. In queen's style she asked me everything she wanted: about my experience, educational background, hobbies, family, where I spent my vacation, etc etc, on and on. She tried to impress me with her position, titles in business and acquaintance with the mighty of this world. Her businees card was impressive as well. It was posturing indeed!

During our talk I had time to observe her face. We were of the same age. I found that she was not a pretty woman. But I share an opinion of American cosmetic business magnate Helena Rubinstein who said that "there are no ugly women, only lazy ones". This woman was not lazy. She was a womаn of energy and power.

After the talk she offered me to conduct a few cases for her company in courts. As a royal person she offered good fee and I accepted her proposal.

I came to her office and got extra evidences to support my impression of her as royal person. She was a real queen there. It must be said this company was big enough. There were more than 50 employees and the office had many rooms. The queen occupied two rooms: a big formal style room and a small one for private purposes.

Most her employees were afraid of her. She could afford showing her drastic character. She could afford even shouting at people.

I had a privilege, I was not her employee.

The small room was provided to me where I had a desk with computer and built-in wardrobe where I put all relevant documents. No one worked before me in this room.

Knowing queen's passion to exercise the behavior of an authority I played up to her vanity. To be honest the tasks that she gave me were not difficult. Our collaboration ran smoothly. She gave me tasks. I said "Yes, madam!" She got an acknowledgment of an authority. I got money.

It turned out that the rear wall of the wardrobe was a common wall between my room and queen's private room.

When I started my work in this room I started to hear her private phone conversations. Don't get me wrong. The wall between our rooms was just too thin. It was not a real wall. It was just plywood and I could hear everything.

She talked mostly in lovey-dovey, pretty-cutie, eensy-weensy style: "My darling , will you come to me tonight? Why not? But my doggie, you promised me yesterday..."

There were kisses in these talks and different male names. Yes, she was not just chief executive officer during working hours but a coquette as well.

At some other time she said: "Hi, my bad boy. I missed you. When shall we meet again, Saturday or Sunday?.. Well, you said your wife went away?".

At fist I thought she was a queen in the official room and a pawn in the private room. But I was wrong. She started making attacks on her lovers and they began ignoring her. I heard phone quarrels. I understood she stayed a queen in the private room also but as a drama queen.

In several months our work was ceased because the owner of the company discharged the queen. One can not exclude that he was among cuties, sweeties and doggies.