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A Better Way

"There's a way to do it better - find it." - Thomas A. Edison

You might think that these words are about inventorying. Thomas A. Edison was the famous American inventor. But you are wrong. This quotation is about Toastmasters.
Don't ask why I think so. You can easily verify that at the beginning of January, right after New Year's. People gather around the table many times these days. We eat and drink much. After a few such meetings people are full up. It's a good time to rest and speak. But don't waste precious time listening to silly talks. Public speaking may be a real adornment for New Year's parties. Raise the glass with your friends, drink together and toast each other's success, achievements, riches... Unfortunately, not many people can show their public speaking skills. Most people are lacking right words. They say just "cheers! good health!" and nothing more.
Public speaking is not about eating, drinking and raising the glass. It is about confidence and sincerity. What about you? Do you feel confident in front of audience? If you want to gain new experience and polish your public speaking skills, find a Toastmasters club.
New Year's holidays have passed but new interesting events and parties will come soon. Celebrate them with salad Olivier and merry mood, see them as an opportunity for horning your public speaking skills.

If you want to learn more about public speaking, come to Kiev ToastCrackers Club! We are focused on English public speaking. We meet on Wednesdays. For more details see http://www.toastcrackers.kiev.ua/