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Stetsenko Yu.V. Scientific And Methodic Fundamentals Of Using Of The Mass Media In The Investigation Of Crimes

Stetsenko Yu.V. Scientific and methodic fundamentals of using of the mass media in the investigation of crimes. – Manuscript.

The dissertation for competition for academic degree of the candidate of law science under the specialty 12.00.09 – criminal process and criminalistics; legal expertise – The Аcademy of Advocacy of Ukraine. – Kiev, 2006.

The dissertation is dedicated to the complex research of the legal and criminalistic problems of using of the mass media in the activity of the pretrial investigation organs. Author presented the definitions of the concept of “interaction between pretrial investigation organs and agencies of the mass media” giving by different scientists and proposed his own definition of this term. The present state of using of the mass media in the investigation of crimes is analyzed. The researcher determined the new lines, too. System of tactic methods of using of the mass media announcements is offered. Author examines possibilities of using of this tactic methods in tactic operations. The offers directed on improvement of information maintenance of the investigation of crimes are brought. Criteria of an admissibility of informing of a public about results of investigation of criminal cases are considered.